Mah Jongg (Gibsons)

by Gibsons Games
Cat Ref: 12610


Mah Jongg (Gibsons)
Country: GB - General  
Type: Games  
Composition: Packs for particular games  
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Details: Both the history of Mah Jongg and the game itself are filled with Oriental Mystique. The name "Mah Jongg" means "The Sparrows" and originated in China thousands of years ago. Chairman Mao considered that the game had a distracting influence and banned it during the Cultural Revolution. However, the game survived and has since been restored as China's favourite passtime.

Mah Jongg first became popular in Great Britain during Victorian times and was probably introduced by colonials who discovered the game while living in the Far East.

As a game, it contains a little of rummy, poker and dominoes but has facets of its own which makes it unique.

Suitable for 11 years and upwards.

Contents: 144 tiles, 3 dice, wind indicator & instructions (but NOT stands as illustrated on picture)

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