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Animal Dominoes (Classico) by Classico San Fransisco - Cat Ref 12985 Animal Dominoes (Classico) 
by Classico San Fransisco
Cat Ref: 12985

28 pieces + rules in a wooden box 


Mah Jongg (Gibsons) by Gibsons Games - Cat Ref 12610 Mah Jongg (Gibsons) 
by Gibsons Games
Cat Ref: 12610
Both the history of Mah Jongg and the game itself are filled with Oriental Mystique. The name "Mah Jongg" means "The Sparrows" and originated in China thousands of years ago. Chairman Mao considered that the game had a distracting influence and banned it during the Cultural Revolution. However, the game survived and has since been restored as China's favourite passtime.

Mah Jongg first became popular in Great Britain during Victorian times and was probably introduced by colonials who discovered the game while living in the Far East.

As a game, it contains a little of rummy, poker and dominoes but has facets of its own which makes it unique.

Suitable for 11 years and upwards.

Contents: 144 tiles, 3 dice, wind indicator & instructions (but NOT stands as illustrated on picture) 


Snatch (PG) by Portobello Games - Cat Ref 13884 Snatch (PG) 
by Portobello Games
Cat Ref: 13884
For 2+ players from age 11

Place the tiles face down and take it in turns to turn them over until a word of three or more letters can be made. If you see and say the word first, take it. Watch out. From now on the game has 2 sides as words are made from both the centre pool of letters or snatched from other players if changed by one or more letters. So your CAT can become their CART to be snatched away as TRACK seconds later. Play on until all 100 letters have been turned and you agree to stop playing and start scoring.

100 letter tiles + rules