Monogram (double pack only*) (Piatnik)

by Piatnik
Cat Ref: 92223


Monogram (double pack only*)
Country: Austria - Piatnik  
Type: Std English face packs - boxed pairs by Piatnik  
Composition: Packs with 52 cards + 3 jokers (Piatnik pairs)  
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A pair of packs of playing cards with contrasting back designs in a double pack box. Suitable for personalising / overprinting.

Each pack has standard English (i.e. international) faces and indices in all four corners. On good quality board, these cards are popular with discerning card game players all over the world.

Indices: K, Q, J, A

Size: 58 x 89 mm

(2 x) 52 cards + 3 Jokers (available only as a double pack)

(AKA 12999 )

*Please note: Where a "double pack" or a "twin pack" option is offered, a pair of matching packs with contrasting back designs is available. A "double pack" is supplied in a single box containing two packs of cards, and a "twin pack" is supplied as two separate single packs.

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