English pattern - Poker 98 Mignon (Modiano)

by Modiano
Cat Ref: 14012


 single pack


*double pack

English pattern - Poker 98 Mignon
Country: Italy - Modiano  
Type: Patience size packs  
Composition: Packs with 52 cards + 2 jokers  
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Double or twin packs of this item are currently available. Please state if you have a preference for a double pack or for two single packs in different colours.

Indices: K, Q, J, A in all 4 corners

Size: 42 x 70 mm

52 cards + 2 Jokers + 2 additional cards

*Please note: Where a "double pack" or a "twin pack" option is offered, a pair of matching packs with contrasting back designs is available. A "double pack" is supplied in a single box containing two packs of cards, and a "twin pack" is supplied as two separate single packs.

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