Special Poker Birds Playing Cards

by Modiano
Cat Ref: 14008


Special Poker Birds
Country: Italy - Modiano  
Subject: Animals (including Birds)  
Type: Non-standard S-U  
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Each card illustrated with drawings of birds with captions in English. Birds shown include Golden Winged Sunbird, Variable Sunbird, Carmine Bee-Eater, Little Bee-Eater, Steel Blue Wydah, Fisher Wydah, Crested Crane, Flamingo, Avocet, Fish Eagle, Dusky Tit, Narina Trogon, Black-Winged Oriole and Ostrich as Joker.

Indices: K, Q, J, A in 2 corners only

Size: 63 x 83 mm

52 cards + 2 Jokers + 1 additional card

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