Most Wanted Iraqis Playing Cards

Published by Box MX Ltd
Cat Ref: 13695


Most Wanted Iraqis
Country: GB - General  
Subject: Politics  
Type: Non-standard M-O  
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Details: 39 photographs (some in colour, some in black and white) plus 13 silhouettes of the 52 most wanted Iraqis. Each card includes a caption giving the name and role of the person illustrated. This is a high quality reproduction of the pack supplied to Allied Forces. (see note below)

Printed in the UK by Games & Print Services Limited on 305gm Diamond Playing Card Board and plastic coated. Each deck wrapped in clear cellophane and supplied in a plastic box. The cards are bridge size and the Jokers are not as used in the 'genuine' pack.

Backs: camouflage pattern

Indices: K, Q, J, A.

Size: 56 x 87 mm

52 cards + 2 Jokers + 1 blank card

(Please note - There are a great many sources for so called "genuine" decks of Most Wanted Iraqi cards. Be warned that many of these are poor quality reproductions on poor quality card. We have heard it suggested that the original print run of this pack was just a few hundred packs, so truly "genuine" packs are likely to be quite rare. Reprints by the manufacturer who made the original cards are available, and we hope to have stock of these at some stage in the not too distant future.)

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