Tudor Rose Patience Playing Cards (double pack only*)

by Piatnik
Cat Ref: 10006


Tudor Rose Patience
Country: Austria - Piatnik  
Subject: Kings & queens and other royalty  
Type: Patience size packs  
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Court cards are illustrated with members of the British royal family and other notable figures. Henry VIII - Anne Boleyn - Francis Drake - Edward VII - Queen Victoria - Disraeli - Richard the Lionheart - Elizabeth I - Nelson - William III - Queen Anne - Marlborough. A pair of packs with contrasting back designs in a double pack box. Patience size (also available as a full size pack - see Cat Ref 10005) Patience size means small size cards for patience (solitaire) or other games where there is limited space for play. Also available as a single pack - see Cat Ref 10007

Size: 44 x 66 mm

2 x 52 cards + 3 Jokers

*Please note: Where a "double pack" or a "twin pack" option is offered, a pair of matching packs with contrasting back designs is available. A "double pack" is supplied in a single box containing two packs of cards, and a "twin pack" is supplied as two separate single packs.

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