Luxe et Saveurs

by Face & Dos, 2007
Cat Ref: 14473


Luxe et Saveurs
Country: France - Face & Dos  
Subject: Advertising & corporate packs  
Type: Non-standard J-L  
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Each suit devoted to adverts for different kinds of products: H - wines and spirits; S - fashion and leather goods (shoes, handbags, etc.); D - perfumes and cosmetics; C - watches and jewellery. Suit signs somewhat distorted and only shown twice on each card. Edition of 300 packs only.

Indices: R, D, V, 1 (in 2 corners only)

Size: 56 x 87 mm

52 cards + 2 Jokers

N.B. This pack supplied cello-wrapped only, i.e. without a box.

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