Ducs de Bourgogne

published by Éditions Dusserre
Cat Ref: 11437


 single pack


*twin pack

Country: France - Dusserre  
Subject: Artists, painters & sculptors  
Type: Non-standard D-F  
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Details: Illustrated courts depicting the Dukes of Burgundy, their spouses etc. based on paintings from the French and Flemish schools of the 15th and 17th centuries. Pictures of famous buildings on Aces. References to cultural aspects such as architecture, literature, music, sculpture etc. on pip cards.

Indices R, D, V, 1.

52 cards + 4 Jokers, two of which show coats of arms

(AKA 4422)

*Please note: Where a "double pack" or a "twin pack" option is offered, a pair of matching packs with contrasting back designs is available. A "double pack" is supplied in a single box containing two packs of cards, and a "twin pack" is supplied as two separate single packs.

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