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Bella Online - Cardgames A magazine style website with a section on cardgames which includes articles and links.

Bob Lancaster Gallery of Unusual Playing Cards A celebration of playing cards, especially those with non-standard Jacks, Queens and Kings.

Card Game Website - rules and information about card and tile games from all parts of the world

Card Playing World - A Search Engine for Card Collectors and Card Players

Collective Playing Cards Portal by Tracey Welsh.
It is the intention of this site to share with the world something that has been a great source of joy to me all my life. It is also hoped that via the forum on this site, other collectors of cards from around the world may be able to locate desired Cards that they are seeking whether they be pairs to general Cards or difficult to find Worshipfuls.
Please visit the Gallery to see a sample display from my Collection. This will be regularly updated for your interest and pleasure. Eventually I intend to have my whole collection (many thousands) scanned into the site and grouped in to downloads.

Cribbage Pegs These beautiful cribbage pegs are hand-crafted by a retired engineer/machinist. Beauty and precision are the result of old fashioned attention to the finest detail.

David Westnedge Ltd Wholesalers of playing cards and Tarot cards. We are able to order anything listed on this site for you if you are not a trade customer of David Westnedge Ltd

Encyclopedia of Playing Cards The intention of this site is to list all known major varieties of playing cards, including both out-of-print decks and decks that are currently in print. Highlighted titles are hyperlinked to other pages (either on this website or other websites) offering additional information on, and a graphic depiction of, the specific deck mentioned.

English Playing Card Society (E.P.C.S.) The English Playing Card Society was founded in 1984. The purpose of the Society is to bring together collectors, researchers, manufacturers, museums and libraries, and all persons interested who wish to increase their knowledge of English playing cards and card games, their makers and designers. An informative, well illustrated and readable newsletter is published quarterly (see below) together with details of meetings, auctions, new publications and recent discoveries.

Frequently Asked Questions about Playing-cards - a comprehensive list of questions and answers about playing cards.

International Playing-Card Society (I.P.C.S.) These pages have been put together by the International Playing-Card Society for those who are curious about playing-cards. Playing cards are common, everyday objects which we take for granted. Yet they have a history of use in Europe which goes back to the late 1300s; their design is a strange mixture of fundamental changes as well as aspects which haven't changed since medieval times. They are found in almost every corner of the globe.

Life Guidance tarot, i ching, tuition and more, from experienced consultants who offer a genuine service plus plenty of free stuff.

PJ Madsen's Virtual Playing Card Museum P. J. Madsen writes: A Museum on the net??? I always thought that one day, I would open a museum to display the cards I have collected over the years. However technology has overtaken that idea, and now I can display my cards here in this virtual "Museum" rather than a building made from bricks and mortar. - A Gallery of Standard English Playing Cards Paul Bostock writes: This website celebrates a cultural design icon, the standard english playing card. The examples in the gallery illustrate the variety and history of standard cards, and are intended also as a point of reference for fellow collectors and admirers of cards.

Swap Cards Playing Cards Esther Ooi (Webmaster) writes: Vintage modern collectible Swap Cards Playing Cards for sale to Australia & worldwide: THEMES; SETS; SINGLES; PAIRS; LUCKY DIP in mixed bundles.

The World of Playing Cards This is where you can learn about playing cards, their history, design and manufacture, and see many different cards from around the world. There is a fascination in playing card designs, their tactile pleasure, neat symmetries and quirky symbols. The composition of the pack - court cards, suits, pips - provides endless scope for play.

Tokyo Tarot Circle In January of 2003 we started a Tarot study group in Gotanda, Tokyo, to introduce the Tarot to interested students and to investigate the arcane correspondences with the more experienced practitioners. An important part of the study is an organized approach to learning the symbolism (numerological, astrological, Pythagorean, Hermetic, Kabbalistic, Gnostic &c) and regularly practicing readings among ourselves. When the student has reached a certain level of competancy, we will give readings to the general public through Tarot Fairs and demonstrations.

US Games Systems Inc. Display and listing of large range of English language Tarot packs.

Wicce's Tarot Collection is probably the Internet's largest tarot information resource, featuring tarot and non-tarot decks, books, and software reviews, spreads and layouts, humor, links, articles, a Deck Exchange, a New Artists Showcase, monthly newsletter, email discussion list, and much more!

The Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards - The official website of the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards.
The Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards is one of the early Trade Guilds in the City of London. The Company was founded as the "Mistery of Makers of Playing Cards of the City of London" by a Charter granted by King Charles 1 on 22nd October 1628. Some 164 years later, on 27th November 1792 the Court of Aldermen granted the Company its Livery. Accordingly, though 75th in order of precedence, it is one of the older of the City Livery companies, which now exceed 100 in number.

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The International Playing-Card Society has a website for those who are curious about playing-cards. Playing cards are common, everyday objects which we take for granted yet they have a history of use in Europe which goes back to the late 1300s. Their design reflects a mixture of fundamental changes and aspects which haven't changed since medieval times. They are found in almost every corner of the globe.

International Playing-Card Society (I.P.C.S.)

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