Reproduction and facsimile packs

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Ancient Italian Tarot by Lo Scarabeo, 2000 - Cat Ref 13783 Ancient Italian Tarot 
by Lo Scarabeo, 2000
Cat Ref: 13783


New edition published in 2000.

Titles in Italian on Trumps & Courts.

Size: 66 x 120 mm

78 cards + 2 additional cards + leaflet 


Tarot of Visconti - 22 Grand Trumps by Lo Scarabeo, 2006 - Cat Ref 14352 Tarot of Visconti - 22 Grand Trumps 
by Lo Scarabeo, 2006
Cat Ref: 14352

Reproduction of the 22 trump cards from the Visconti Tarot (see ref. 12853). Large format. Gold foil printing. Titles in six languages.

Size: 80 x 145 mm

22 cards + 2 additional cards + 24 page booklet in English, Italian, Spanish, French and German