Belgium - Carta Mundi

CARTA MUNDI has for some time now been the largest producer of playing cards in Europe. In recent times it has pursuedan active and aggressive acquistion policy resulting in takeovers or buy-outs of playing-card companies in Switzerland, Germany, the U.K and elsewhere. Carta Mundi mainly makes packs to special order for other publishers, including most of the top selling Tarot packs sold worldwide in an ever-increasing array of languages.

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Vision Tarot, The by Carta Mundi, 1995 - Cat Ref 12835 Vision Tarot, The 
by Carta Mundi, 1995
Cat Ref: 12835


Photographic images used throughout this pack. Black borders. Created by Tim Thompson.

Size: 70 x 120 mm

78 cards + 2 additional cards + 49 page booklet in English