Germany - Berliner Spielkarten

BERLINER SPIELKARTEN, having joined forces with SPIELKARTENFABRIK ALTENBURG (S.A./A.S.) a few years ago, is now part of the CARTA MUNDI (of Belgium) empire. We expect to sell out of most standard pattern packs by B.S. in the course of this year. Stocks are low and most items cannot now be replaced.

See the front page of the standard regional patterns catalogue (click 'Regional' on the banner above) for more details about the growth of the CARTA MUNDI empire.

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  Poker/Bridge Postcards (BS) 
by Berliner Spielkarten
Cat Ref: 12476

52 cards + 2 Jokers 


  Tournament Skat (BS) 
by Berliner Spielkarten
Cat Ref: 12452


North German (Berliner) pattern pack with suits in four colours.

Indices: K, D, B, A (in all 4 corners)

Size: 59 x 90 mm

32 cards + 1 additional card