Transformation cards

In a true pack of transformation cards, each card carries a picture in which the suit signs are hidden within the design. In other words, they have been transformed. The selection below includes packs in which all cards meet these criteria and some which go only some of the way. Search on "transformation" to find packs which have been assigned to another category.

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Under The Sea transformation playing cards published by the Marine Stewardship Council - Cat Ref 14360 Under The Sea transformation playing cards 
published by the Marine Stewardship Council
Cat Ref: 14360
54 artists donated beautiful and intriguing pieces of art to create this unique pack of transformation playing cards. Contributing artists include Damien Hirst, Dame Elizabeth Blackadder, Anish Kapoor, Quentin Blake and Maggi Hambling. The Marine Stewardship Council is a registered charity promoting solutions to the problem of overfishing.

Indices: K, Q, J, A

Size: 63 x 88 mm

52 cards + 2 Jokers + 1 additional card listing the artists + leaflet with biographies of the artists