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Smiley Playing Cards - set of 8 packs - SPECIAL OFFER published by Tobar Ltd - Cat Ref 14212 Smiley Playing Cards - set of 8 packs - SPECIAL OFFER 
published by Tobar Ltd
Cat Ref: 14212
Double-ended court cards have smiling faces. Same designs in each suit. 8 different back designs available (smiling face, glum face, toothy face, etc.). Smaller than regular patience size cards.

Indices: K, Q, J, A in 2 corners only

Size: 28 x 40 mm.

52 cards + 2 Jokers

Order all 8 different back designs for 4.00. Single packs available - Cat Ref 14211. To buy all 8 packs individually would cost 8.00. 


  Special Offer - Set of 4 Packs (Nos. 10480-10483) 
by del Solleone, Ed.
Cat Ref: 10484

10480 Jeu des Reynes Renommes
10481 Cartes des Rois de France
10482 Jeu de la Geographie
10483 Jeu des Fables

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To buy these 4 packs individually would cost 46.00.