The online playing cards store from R. Somerville (Playing Cards)

Using "Search" and "What's New"...

The "Search" facility

The search facility is currently pretty simple: it searches for an exact match of what you type and doesn't have a great deal of "intelligence". For instance, you could search on the word "the" and retrieve quite a lot of records (most search systems weed out words like this). It does search for references in both the title and the description of each item so you can, for instance, type the name of an artist whose cards you are interested in. This information is unlikely to be in the title, but may well be in the description of the item and the search facility should be able to find it for you. However, be sure to read the notes in the next paragraph for a warning!

If your type "playing cards" it will find every instance of the two words with one space between them (on this site quite a number of results!) If you type "playing crads" (i.e. cards mispelt) it will report no results. Many search functions might look for both the word playing and the word cards and report anything with EITHER word. The search function on this site will only find instances where ALL words you type are present AND immediately adjacent in the order you give and spaced precisely as in the catalogue. Limiting though this might be, it does have its uses if you want to find something specific. If you were looking for items relating to Beatrix Potter, you could type just Potter and get the Beatrix Potter items lumped together with anything else which might have Potter in the title or content of the catalogue entry. To exclude Harry Potter items etc, type Beatrix Potter and you will get just the Beatrix Potter items.

You can type as many words as you like, but given the constraints explained above, typing lots of words will drastically reduce your chances of finding anything rather than widening the search.

You may limit the search by selecting any of the sub-catalogues from the dropdown box.

We do intend to improve this facility within the next few months.

The "What's New" facility

You can search for items using any one of four different criteria either throughout the whole of our stock, or within one of the main catalogue areas only (General, Tarot, Regional Patterns, Magic & Books).

The criteria currently are: Items newly in stock, items recently updated on the website, items recently back in stock and items recently illustrated on our website.

If you wish to find out what has come into stock recently - perhaps since your last visit - type the number of days you would like to search over in the white box and make sure the little white circle has a black mark in it (you do this by clicking on the appropriate white circle) against the "New in the last ?? days" line. Select the catalogue you wish to search from the dropdown box or leave at "all" and click "Go!".

You will then get a list in the right hand screen from which you can select what you want to look at by clicking on it. You can work your way through the list by clicking an item and then using the "Prev" (short for previous) and "Next" buttons which appear towards the top of each item page.

Follow a similar procedure for items which we have recently updated. For lists of items which have recently returned after being out of stock or which have recently been newly illustrated on the site, select the appropriate line and catalogue as above and then click on "Go!".

Updated: 27th June 2004