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Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Under no circumstances will we pass on information about you to any other organisation or person.

We collect information about you for two reasons: first, to process your order and second, to provide you with the best possible service. The type of information we will collect about you includes:

When you supply us with such information by completing forms on our website, it is understood that you are permitting us to use this information only in order to process your order.

Clearly, some of this information is essential for us to send your order and some of it is useful in case there is anything which needs to be clarified. You may choose to withhold information in the latter category such as your telephone number and/or email address (type n/a in the appropriate box on the form) but if you do so and there is any difficulty with processing your order, we may have to cancel the order. (We are a small organisation and simply cannot afford the time and expense of writing and posting letters to clarify details on large numbers of orders.) Furthermore, if you withhold your e-mail address, you will not get confirmation of receipt of your order. We do not recommend withholding such information and reiterate our pledge that we will not pass any personal information to any other party outside R. Somerville Playing Cards.

It is not our current policy to send circulars by e-mail to customers or anyone who has had contact with us. At present, we post news and information about newly arrived stock and recent changes to our website on the front page of our website. In case at some time in the future we were to send occasional bulletins by e-mail, you may choose to opt in to our mailing list. Please please contact us if you would like to be added to the mailing list.


You may choose to authorise us to refer back to information you sent with a previous order by choosing a password and then using this when you place a new order. If you supply us with a password, we understand this to mean that any future order sent in your name and quoting your password (type it in the shipping instructions box on our order form) may be charged to the credit card you gave us details for. Your order will be shipped to the address given in your previous order. Using a password is not essential as far as we are concerned and the password option is offered for your convenience only if you choose to use it. We are quite happy to receive your credit card details via our secure server form with each new order if you prefer to use that method.

If you have any questions/comments about our privacy policy, please contact us.

Last Updated: 11th April, 2005